Tan Line Contest

by Steve on July 18, 2011

If you haven’t already seen it, check out our Tan Line Contest. Voting opened today so jump over there and vote for your favorite tan line. The winner gets a $150 gift card for Arkansas Cycling & Fitness.



Being relatively new in cycling and having only a year of recreational mountain biking I thought I would look for ways to improve my very limited skills. New to the Central Arkansas area I stopped by the AC&F shop for trails to ride and riding tips. The guys (and ladies) were more than helpful with any questions I threw at them and they set me up with the Thursday night MTB ride guys. Just riding with Andy, Trevor, Trevor, Zach, Travis, Efran, Chad and Dan has made me a better rider and has taught me to ride longer and be more effective in my riding. The support from these guys was top notch and prompted me to challenge myself to become better and join the AC&F MTB team. While I’m still very much a beginner, just three MTB races into the season I couldn’t be happier that I joined the AC&F team.
If you need a challenge, want to get better or just need some people to ride with I encourage you to do so even if it’s just coming out for the Thursday night ride. It will not only make you better but it is just a lot of freakin fun! Just the way mountain biking should be.
Thanks again to all of the AC&F staff and riders for your continued help and support.



Getting Back Up to Speed

July 5, 2011

It has been a while since I posted anything (about a month actually). So, what has been happening? A lot actually: Chad related news Lets start with the thing about which I am most excited. I am now a CAT1 mountain biker! Wohoo!!! I have even completed my first CAT1 race! This is the part [...]

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June 9, 2011

Well, I now have 3 criterium races under my belt. I raced both the “C” and “B” races last week. This week I wasn’t able to make it in time for the “C” race, so I only raced “B”. From what I hear, the number of riders lining up for each race is more than [...]

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May 27, 2011

From what I hear, Centrl ARkansas VElo (CARVE) will once again be putting on a local criterium series. When I say “from what I hear” what I mean is: “90% of the cycling related news I’ve been hearing is…”. It seems like everyone will either be racing or coming out to watch. Several people have [...]

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An Apology Letter to the Lady with Brown Curly Hair

May 22, 2011

Dear Lady with Brown Curly Hair (who I confused for my sister), As you know, today (5/22/11) was the Revenge of the Ridge mountain bike race in Mena, Arkansas. I was truly excited for this race as it was the first of the 2011 AMBCS season.  I had my little sister with me, and she [...]

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Roman Nose

May 17, 2011

Last weekend (May 13-15) I went to Oklahoma to visit my grandparents and to race in the Roman Nose MTB Fest. This was my first out-of-state race. It took me more than 6 hours to get there. The round trip was something like 800 miles. It was well worth the trip though. So, I could [...]

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2011 XC Season

May 11, 2011

This weekend will be the end of the 2011 Arkansas Mountain Bike Marathon Series. The last race is Syllamo’s Revenge in Mountain View. I was originally registered for this race, but sold my spot when another race, which is also this weekend, caught my attention. I will now be racing in the Roman Nose MTB [...]

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The Jackfork MTB Trail

May 5, 2011

The recent huge amount of rain and resulting flooding has been a problem for many cyclist. Without the river trail,the open roads are the only choice for roadies. Mountain bikers, however, are in a much worse position. All the rain has left most trails very sloppy. Mountain biking during really wet conditions is a bad [...]

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Water, Water Everywhere….

April 28, 2011

HA! Looks like I beat JBar (the best source of River Trail news) to this one! I went out riding yesterday with two other brave cyclists. I call them brave because the wind had to have been gusting about 30mph, and the sky was seriously threatening rain. Given the last couple days, it probably wasn’t [...]

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